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Portrait Sitting Fees And Packages

__Includes a Custom Proof DVD, indoor, outdoor
PACKAGE_1:$65 = One 8x10, Two 5x7, 24 wall, 4 poses
PACKAGE_2:$120= Two 8x10, Four 5x7, Two 4x5, 40 wall, 8 poses
PACKAGE_3:$175= Three 8x10, Four 5x7, Four 4x5, 64 wall, 10 poses
PACKAGE_4:$285= Four 8x10, Four 5x7, Four 4x5, 128 wall, 12 poses
PACKAGE_5:$385= One 11x14 mtd, Four 8x10, Four 5x7, Four 4x5, 160 wall, 14 poses
PACKAGE_6:$485= One 16x20 mtd, One 11x14 mtd, Four 8x10 mtd, Six 5x7, Six 4x5, 200 wall, 16 poses
MOUNTING UPGRADE 8x10, 5x7 or 4x5 in any package to a mounted print, $5 per print

Wedding Fees and Packages

__ALL DAY:$850 with Professional Photographer, 11x14 Wedding Proof Book, Premium Sample Print and Custom Wedding Proof DVD.
PACKAGE_1:$65 includes:5 pages and 4 poses
PACKAGE_2:$120 includes: 10 pages and 8 poses
PACKAGE_3:$175 includes: 15 pages and 10 poses
PACKAGE_4:$285 includes: 23 pages and 12 poses
PACKAGE_5:$385 includes: One 11x14 mounted, 28 pages and 14 poses
PACKAGE_6:$485 includes: One 16x20 mounted, One 11x14 mounted, 33 pages and 16 poses

Ala Cart Proof Books, Prints and Products

__Proof Books=$25 AND UP! call for pricing and sizing.
Other products available through special order in the studio.

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